Aaron Ramsey envious of Wilshere

As the game between Wales and England approaches, two Arsenal teammates and huge prospects for the future will find themselves in an unfamiliar situation of playing against each other. But while they are both in a bit of spotlight ahead of this game, their recent club fates have been strikingly different as we all know. Had Ramsey not been sidelined last year following "that" tackle by Shawcross it might have been him, and not Wilshere, who would be a regular in the Arsenal first team. Ramsey admitted that he does feel just a bit jealous about the quick progress Jack Wilshere has made in his Arsenal career.

Speaking ahead of the meeting at the Millennium Stadium, Ramsey said:
"I thought before my injury I was just starting to kick on. Absolutely (I feel some envy). I started 6 or 7 games on the bounce and I felt like I was going to stake a claim in the first team for Arsenal but these things happen. I've just got to bounce back now. I'm confident in my ability. I'm capable of playing week in week out for Arsenal so, hopefully, I can do that now."
While he may not have had his best game against West Brom on the weekend and drew some criticism from the Arsenal faithful , it was wonderful to see him back in the shirt. Let's hope he starts making up for lost time in these crucial, season-defining matches coming up.

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