The Wenger Debate - Remember Respect

A bit of a longer post today. As we wrap up yet another disappointing, trophyless season that once showed such promise, we are left to assess the ruins again. But this wreckage feels a little bit different doesn't it? The impression is that for the first time, all parties concerned with the club feel it is time for change. And now.

The thing that always makes me proud to be an Arsenal fan is the passion and culture that defines this wonderful club inside and out. Doing things the "Arsenal way". How fans care about their team.

Many feel that Wenger's project has failed. That mediocrity is being rewarded and no leadership exists in the side. They say the team can't defend, that they can't be bothered to defend. That Denilson, Rosicky and Squillaci among others are just not good enough to wear the Arsenal jersey. More importantly, that the team is going backwards and falling apart while we hear Arsene play the same old broken record about the mentality and attitude of the team. That we must not wait till it is too late.

It is difficult to disagree with any of the points above and it is imperative that they be made. But I think the way we go about it is crucial and keep getting back to the theme of respect, irrespective of where you stand in the debate.

Respect for the man who has brought your club more success than anyone else. Respect for the man who brought you the Invincibles and numerous titles over the years. Respect for the man who is the reason your team plays some of the most beautiful football in the world. The sole reason we have a new, modern stadium. A stadium that will allow us to compete financially for a very long time so that a Mourinho of the future will be able to spend large to win titles. Respect the man who is the reason your club is not in debt and plays in the Champions League every season. Respect the man who you can thank for not being an Aston Villa, West Ham or god forbid, Spurs. Because, believe me, there is a very good chance that mid table would be about as good as it would have gotten if the Frenchman didn't arrive.

The debate on the future of Arsenal and Wenger has merit and changes need to be made. But don't forget to respect the club and man that brought you so much. Let's do this the Arsenal way and not stoop to the level of the lowest common denominator of a man writing in the forums of The Sun. It is what I thought separated us from the rest.

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Anonymous said...

Agree with every word. Need changes, but do it the right way...

Anonymous said...

This is football not private theory about someone. In the past Wenger did well but now things are not getting well so he should quit with respect.