Arsenal Transfer Rumours

It's silly season. And as you know, there will be a lot of rumours flying around about players Arsenal might be interested in. Most of them will be false. Some may be true.

To keep you up to date and analyse the transfer rumours, we will post articles about the players we are linked to here.

Arsenal Transfer Rumours (more will be added):
Eden Hazard
Christopher Samba

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Anonymous said...

wenger dnt u ply fool of us....u wnt buy plyrs...i knw...if u willing 2 spnd 20 million 4 downing... y u didnt go 4 ashly young....young btr thn downing...act u chaeting us....if d same young plyrs remain without best players sure another ssn witout trophy...arsenal need best players not plyrs only.......remind it

andy shan said...

arsene wenger should stop window shopping bt buy player