The Aftermath: Think before it is too late

Just as some of us feared before the match, today's 8-2 massacre was a massive, massive dissapointment and many Gooners are rightfully upset and desperate today. There is no doubt that mistakes were made and change is needed.

But before you join the WENGER OUT bandwagon and take to the streets, don't forget some crucial facts:
- Don't forget where your club was before Wenger
- Don't forget where your club would be without Wenger
- Don't forget The Invincibles
- Don't forget some of the most entertaining football the world has ever seen being played by your club
- Don't forget Henry, Bergkamp, Cesc, Vieira, RVP, Pires, Ljungberg, Campbell, Wilshere
- Don't forget your brand new stadium that will allow Mourinho-like managers of the future to splash the cash and buy trophies
- Don't forget the minimal resources Wenger had to work with
- And please don't forget who the most succesful Arsenal manager of all time is

Your club was never as rich as City or Chelsea, or as big as United or Liverpool. The only reason it is competing with them is because of one man.

I am saying be critical. But remain respectful. I thought it was what made Arsenal fans special.

The future of your club depends on it.


Anonymous said...

The trouble is that these days, fans don't remember this. Have to be careful or we could be a lot more similar to the pri*ks from WHL very soon.

Anonymous said...

Well put man! most people have very short memory of good things and fans are people too. I think much of the wrong lies with the board. Wenger sent the point across when he spoke out that 'wages-wise' Arsenal are behind other clubs. This should give fans an idea of where the problem lies. It also throws a perspective on why AW keeps signing young players too often. I think the fans should be singing against the board and not sack AW. He is taking all the blows for the Board.

musa camara said...

but he most sing big players

macheneri paul said...

i believe Wenger is the man gunners will always need!! But ths board must change its renumeration and transfer policy, now and not later before change changes them!! we still need more signings. Thank God this exposed us early enough. gunner forever

Anonymous said...

Arsene make Arsenal where the club is right now. Without him, there will not be Arsenal today. Gooners out there, RESPECT THE MAN!! He had done what past managers for Arsenal couldn't! Otherwise you think he can stay at the club for that long? Do not regret if he leaves the club, who can take over him? The only man I can think of who is capable is only Mourinho. The rest of the managers is S***

Anonymous said...

The truth has been spoken here. So many are ready to cast aside the one person you can point to as the savior of Arsenal and the birth of the most beautiful football club in England. Yeah of little faith, do not forget that due to this man, a feat that will never be repeated again rest on the shoulders of Arsenal. We are the invincible club of England and that can never be taken away from us.

gooner1980 said...

He may of made arsenal what they are today but arsenal also made him he was a no body from the japanese league and hes always been well payed hes on about 6-7million a year now and he never signed Berkamp.

Anonymous said...

ask any one how they came 2 know about arsenal and they will be like during wenger's time and here they are not knowing where the club was before wenger