Arsenal in Kaka Loan Transfer Deal?

Wenger is said to be turning to Brazilian star Kaka as a solution to fill the void left by the departure of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. It may be a way to add experience to the side while not having to spend a large amount of money on an experienced player whose value would likely plummet in the coming years. Kaka has not been very happy in Real Madrid recently, prompting Arsenal to make inquiries.

Arsenal do seem to be considering loan moves for more experienced players as Didier Deschamps confirmed yesterday, saying Marseille rejected a loan bid for Lucho Gonzales.

How much truth there is to these rumours is anyone's guess, but it would be a nice piece of news to provide some relief from all the doom and gloom that sourrounds us at the moment. Even though it would confirm Arsene's stubborn reluctance to spend money. If this move was to go ahead, Arsenal would have to qualify for the Champions League first.

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bestmusic said...

wenger is a reaaaal HEADSTRONG, and never buy the players that fans want.

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