Thierry Henry to return to Arsenal?

For the past few weeks, Thierry Henry has been practicing with the Arsenal squad to maintain fitness during the off season in the MLS, where he currently plays.

Being around the Arsenal team, it was inevitable that the speculation about a possible return to Arsenal would surface. Until now though, Wenger never really mentioned this as an option. During the press conference ahead of the Man City game, he was asked about the possibility of a return of Thierry. This is what he said:

"I haven't even investigated that. I cannot tell you even if there is a chance because I haven't even made an approach. I do not always master all my thoughts so it has to come through my brain at some stage but I haven't been concrete on the case."

He was also adamant that Henry could still cope with the English Premier League and perform well at the level. If he was to return, he would be worth a Premier League free bet to score sometime on his return. While the chances of this move are still small, with the lack of striker options other than RVP at the moment, it would not be a bad short term loan move.

Future looking brighter

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The early season crisis has been somewhat repaired by the good string of results over the past few months.

The team looks stronger defensively and the new signings are steadily contributing more and more to the team. Gervinho look very promising and RVP has been absolutely immense. Another striker in January might be just what we need.

The future now looks brighter, especially considering Jack Wilshere should be back in the near future. While we may not be strong enough for a trophy this season once again, anything lower than a top 3 or 4 finish would be very disappointing.

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