Is Arsenal Ready for the Battle?

It will be remembered that in the previous EPL season, Arsenal were in control for lengthy part of the campaign. We failed towards the end. That was not the first time that it happened. It’s a perennial thing.

Of emphasis is that we fail to turn up when it matters most. Arsenal has always been criticized of failing to match the ‘big guns’. In fact, I looked at the recent statistics between Arsenal and the teams that have finished in the top 4, it was horrible.

Last season, we threw up the title hopes because of the ‘big games’. Remember the early kick off matches at Etihad, Stanford and Anfield? That doesn’t matter now. The question is do we have the steel to get points at Etihad, Stanford and OT come next season? Can Wenger give the team a winning mentality after the FA cup triumph last season?

Well Gooners, let’s hope for the best next season.

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