Arsenal salvage a late draw in 7 minutes

As am writing this, it’s the 80th minute and we are losing 2-0. It’s the same old story again. I am irked at the performance of the team so far. Well I guess every fan who wants his team to win is always vexed and frustrated when they are losing.

Oooh wait a minute! Ramsey scores. I don’t celebrate. I think to myself ‘this is just another consolation goal’. On the 88th minute Ramsey has the ball and whips a rather not so good cross but Monreal picks up the pieces. Puts in a cross and bang, it’s the big Frenchman, 2-2.

Well I didn’t see that coming. Arsenal was very poor especially in the first half. I kept punching the air thinking to myself, ‘when will we ever learn?’ We conceded poor early goals.

In the end that was a decent point. Say it was undeserving but is that not what champions do?

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