Has Arsenal learnt from last season’s thumping by Everton?

This weekend, Arsenal will lock horns with the Mersey side football club, Everton. Few gunners would like to remember the result at Goodison Park way back in April. Just for the record, Arsenal lost 3-0 to Everton.

In that encounter, Everton pressed high on the pitch which forced the gunners to make suicidal errors at the back. Roberto Martinez side employed a physical counter attacking game that surely suffocated the Gunners.

So has Arsenal learnt since then? The Gunners will have to play a close game this time. Monreal who was badly exposed by Lukaku in the last game will need to improve his performance this time round. Upfront, the Gunners need to be sharp. They can’t afford to be wasteful as was the case in midweek CL qualifier.

Good luck to the Arsenal.

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Lets destroy the toffees