Sorry Arsenal downed by Dortmund in familiar fashion

As am writing this am furious. Furious because my beloved team lost in unfashionable manner. Teams lose games, but the way Arsenal lose is very frustrating.

In the CL tie vs Dortmund, Arsenal were woeful and uninspiring. To be fair enough, were it not for the brilliance of Szczesny and the profligacy of BVB we would be talking of a cricket score.

Our midfield looked disjointed. Our defense was in shambles. Our strike force was wasteful. It’s a night that showed how the two teams are miles apart (I painfully have to say that). Teams with a similar culture but a contrast in their playing style ad approach in big games.

Unless otherwise, the hopes of finishing first in the CL group looks dim for Arsenal. We all know what happens when you finish second, don’t we? It has happened in the recent years and the result? You get Bayern, Barcelona or Madrid. Its needless to say how the outcome of the results.

That was another away day, another awful loss in familiar fashion. When will we ever learn?

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Anonymous said...

That was awful by Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

We will never learn 5yrs the same mistake. Really gutted

Paul said...

Utterly agree: I was still fuming 12 hours after the game ended.
That 'performance' disrespected the manager, the shirt, the traditions and the fans. They just looked like they couldn't be bothered.
I'm appalled that neither the manager nor the captain has apologised to the fans.
Statements like 'our performance wasn't where it should have been' are just not good enough....why should be the question!!
If I turned in a performance like that people would die and trust me.....I don't get anywhere near what those boys are paid!