Why can’t Arsenal beat top teams?

I am always disturbed by the fact that Arsenal hardly beats decent teams in the recent years. Last season particularly, Arsenal was beaten by the top teams in an embarrassing way. Worryingly, in all the big games Arsenal always lose in a predictable manner.

Against small teams, the tactics of possessing the ball works. Against the top sides, they always exploit our weaknesses. Losing the ball upfront when the whole team is attacking, exposes the team from counter attacks. Without a dynamic defensive midfielder, more than often this leads to a goal.

When Paul Merson said that Arsenal are a ‘gillion’ miles away from winning the league (whatever that means), it sounded harsh but a critical look at it, there is some truthfulness in it.

A major factor contributing to this is the failure to strengthen all weakness areas in the summer. Have we ever started a season with a complete team with adequate depth in all the areas? This season particularly, the club was in a dire need for a defensive midfielder. After being linked to a million players, the club did not sign any player. The failure to do that has severely exposed the club against top teams. Take a close look at all the BVB goals and those that could have been.

The season is still raw. A quick rethinking is prudent at Emirates. Champions go by that name as they can beat the best. The way things are Arsenal look weaker than last season.

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Arsenal has to do well against the top sides