Do you still believe in Wenger?

A dark cloud hangs over Emirates. The situation was confirmed by the Hull draw. After the Chelsea defeat, I bragged to my friends how we would go a long winning streak given our upcoming fixtures. It is not happening. Even the confidence of dominating ‘inferior’ teams is no longer there.

Recently, Ivan Gazidis said Wenger is irreplaceable. It is a statement to hard to agree with. With all due respect to Wenger, I don’t believe he has the same touch he had 10 years ago. I don’t see any other big club allowing any manager to stay on with only an FA trophy to show for 10 years! It is inexplicable. There is a strange form of mediocrity that has engrained Arsenal such that coming fourth severally is considered progress.

Bar from the Villa victory, Arsenal has been pretty awful. Players do not look spirited. Perhaps they are contented. ‘’With what?’’ one may ask. Shambolic performances have been coupled with ‘sterile’ dominance. One begs to ask, ‘what has happened?’

The predicament facing Arsenal is not new. It is the same old problems. Problem #1 is injuries. This is not new. Problem #2 is failure to address obvious weakness areas. This is not new either. Problem #3 is our style. The passing game seems to suit our rivals. Do you realize how easy it is to defend against Arsenal? How many times have you screamed ‘shoot ‘ while watching our games?

Crisis is a cliché but I am afraid that what is facing us. The manager and the players need to look themselves on the mirror. Nobody will help us from this crisis but ourselves.

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