Injuries, why Always us?

Recently, and as the case has been, when you peruse the sports papers, there is news about an injured Arsenal player. Ozil and Kolscieny are the recent culprits. What did we do to the football gods to deserve this?

So far these are the current injured players: Kolscieny (to be determined), Ozil (12 weeks), Debuchy (10 weeks), Giroud (10 weeks), Ramsey (6 weeks), Arteta (2 weeks), Sanogo (2 weeks), Gnabry (1 week) and Walcott (1 week).

With an accumulative total of 890 injuries since 2002 shows that something is seriously wrong. One has to question the training methods as well as the medical team. How many times have we been told an injured player is a few days away from action only to suffer setbacks ruling him out for a lengthy period?

Call it bad luck but something needs to be done.

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medical team is shit