Are you frustrated to support Arsenal?

I read an article at ESPN sports about Arsenal being the most frustrating club to support. Saying yes or no is not an easy decision but I think the author of the article had a point.

Following the Champions League capitulation against the Belgian minnows one couldn’t agree more with the statement. Arsenal is a club that offers you wings to fly but crashes you the moment you want to take off. It’s a club for the past 10 seasons been described as ‘nearly there but far’.

The worst thing in football, and even in life, is to accumulate hope only for it to be crashed in the 11th hour. Arsenal has well scripted this scenario season in season out. Last season, for instance, I thought we would win the EPL only to capitulate in the closing stages of the showdown. In fact, it is ludicrous how quickly we slipped from being title contenders to fall into the mediocrity of scrapping for fourth. Paradox, ah?

Arsenal is a club well placed to succeed. Their brand of football and tradition is a good platform for success. How success repeatedly eludes them is inexplicable!

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