Arsenal embarrassed in Europe again

Oh dear! It happened again. Arsenal humiliation at home by Monaco was a reminiscence of a typical performance from the Gunners. It was pathetic, diabolical and shambolic.

When the draw was announced many Arsenal fans were optimistic of progression. They developed hope. But did they not say that it is hope that kills?

Its nights like these that leave me pondering whether Arsenal will ever win the Champions League. Its 18 years in a row in CL football with nothing to show for it. In other news, we are on the blink for a fifth consecutive round of 16 elimination. Inexplicable!

Previous eliminations by Barcelona, AC Milan and Bayern were understandable. A 3-1 drubbing by Monaco at home is unfathomable. The blame is to be shared by the manager and the players who looked lethargic and out of sorts.

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