Arsenal ties with Crystal Palace 1-1

It seems that Arsenal has lost its momentum and never regained it during their match against the Crystal Palace at the Emirates.

The players’ performances were apparently sub-par, considering there were many opportunities for a good thrust during the game. For instance, Alexis Sanchez was able to score the first goal of the game, with the help of Danny Welbeck. At this point, the match’s monotonous arrangement was broken, creating an uproar among Arsenal supporters as the team was leading.

But the match turned out to be a linear one. Arsenal and Crystal Palace seem uninterested in winning the match. The former has a minor head start, giving fans the adrenaline and confidence they signed up for as they expect their team to storm out of the match as victors. Much to the dismay of fans, the match ended with a draw, both teams having scored one goal each.

It could be observed that Crystal Palace might have had difficulty finding the right approach to win the match. Arsenal’s Elneny and Coquelin were able to stop Crystal Palace from gathering momentum, and though Crystal Palace tried to do a 4-4-2 formation initiated by Alan Pardew, the expected output was not achieved. In fact, this was precisely why Crystal Palace was not able to cut through Arsenal as they were outnumbered in midfield.

Despite mistakes from Palace, Arsenal still was not able to gain the lead and get more goals. If Arsenal keeps this type of performance up, the most plausible win would be third place for them, but at least they are not completely out of the league.

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