Since the inaugural season of the Premier League started in 1992, the football in England has grown and grown and is now home to one of the biggest football leagues in the world. Last year’s 2017-18 season was the 26th of the Premier League and was one of the most exciting league seasons in recent years. Although it was essentially a one-horse race for the title, teams played some really exciting season.

The football betting odds on Paddy Power at the start of the season suggested that it would be a very close title race. However, Manchester City demolished everyone in their path and finished 19 points clear of second place Manchester United whilst also reaching the 100 point mark. This was something that hadn’t ever been achieved in the top flight of English football. It wasn’t just the point’s record which Manchester City broke, they also managed break the record for the number of wins (32), most away wins (16), most consecutive league wins (18), and a few more records. Although Manchester City stole the headlines, there was plenty of exciting action happening in the league for fans of all clubs.

 Fans of some teams may not have seen football as exciting as Manchester City played, but they were treated to some spectacular individual performances. Fans which turned up to watch Liverpool at Anfield were usually treated to a world class performance from Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian forward was the main attacking outlet for Liverpool this season, and he rewarded their faith in him by scoring 32 goals in the league this season. Other players which consistently put in world class performances throughout the season include Harry Kane, Kevin De Bruyne, and Leroy Sane.

 These players mentioned may be the most recognised and high profile players that performed in the league this season, but there were plenty of other players which put in impressive performances. As the Premier League is one of the largest leagues in the world, it should come as no surprise that a large number of players from the league will be representing their country in Russia this summer.

In this quiz it is your job to guess how many players from each Premier League club will be at the World Cup. Clubs like Manchester City and Manchester United will have quite a few players participating, but can you guess the exact number? Take this quiz and see what score you manage to get.

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